New Cleanwaste Pee-Wee® Unisex Urine Bag

from £7.50 *
In stock

Cleanwaste GO anywhere waste kit® Wag Bags®

Toilet in a Bag

from £29.99 *
In stock

Cleanwaste Sani Bags

Safe, Biodigradable and green.

from £27.99 *
In stock

The PETT® GO anywhere toilet®

Safe, Private, Portable and green.

£89.99 *
In stock

Cleanwaste The PETT Toilet System

Safe, Private, Portable and green.

£299.99 *

New Cleanwaste Poo Powder®

Ideal for extending the use of the GO anywhere Waste kit.

from £49.99 *
In stock

New Draper 61229 Emergency Hammer and Cutter

For emergency use in the home, office, car and other travel.
Shatters automotive and domestic glass.
Cuts through automotive seat belts.

£9.99 *
In stock

EPS DF-1 Combat Goggle - 2 Lens System

 Full-Flow™ Filtration and Ventilation system.

£56.99 *
In stock

Smith Factor Tactical

Range Kit 3 lens Interchange system

from £52.50 *
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Bobster Prowler Ballistic Eye Shield

The Prowler offers maximum versatility with removable temples and goggle strap for quick conversion.

£41.99 *
Old price £45.00
In stock

Smith AEGIS Eyeshield - Field Kit

The Aegis Feild Kit comes complete with Clear & Grey lens.

from £52.50 *
In stock

Bobster Safety Shooting Glasses - 3 Lenses Interchangeable

Interchangeable eyewear ideal for law-enforcement, military, construction, Laboratory or industrial usage.

£15.00 *
Old price £17.99
In stock

Smiths Boogie Regulator Goggle

Fits like an eyeshield with protection of a goggle

£29.99 *
In stock

Smith Elite Outside The Wire (OTW)

Retail Kit come with Grey & Clear  3.3mm lenses

from £64.99 *
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